In the last post, I talked about the power of communities and personal networks. Sharp eyes might have noticed something missing – in this case, it’s the social networks.

While raising money for charity I found social media useful for spreading the word but didn’t rely on it exclusively. At the time of writing this, 15 of the 29 people kind enough to donate I asked face-to-face.

Also of note: I consider 26 of these people friends and family. There’s just one person I’d not met before, and two that chose to remain anonymous. I shared this message on nearly all my social accounts – potentially reaching upwards of 1,500 people.

Admittedly I was asking these people for help, so this isn’t your run-of-the-mill social media post. That said, the message is clear.

Social media has huge potential to help your brand, but if no one is listening how will you benefit?