I know a tech guy who always has a pet project on, whether that’s making his own PC, building a 3D printer, or most recently, soldering a custom keyboard together. Can’t really relate myself, I’d rather choose the obvious solution and buy a tried & tested equivalent online.

That’s OK, each to their own. One of the quirks of being the tech guy means that he has a lot of gadgets lying around. Every now and then the other chap living there and I realise we need something obscure to make something techy work.

What do we do? I bet you know the answer already – we ask the tech guy. More often than not he has whatever obscure device or connector we need at that moment, and he’s always happy to have a look and lend it to us if so. Wondering how this relates to branding? When I read Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion last year I discovered something interesting about favours.

Businesses that give their customers freebies (i.e. Free samples at food stalls) often know they will make that money back in sales. People appreciate favours, and often want to return them somehow. If that means handing over a little cash, sometimes they will.

Today’s Takeaway: Have a think about what you can offer others, and whether you could/should be charging for it.